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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Everyone do it?
This is safe for people who do not have certain contraindications or preexisting conditions which means, there are some people who shouldn't use it, people with cancer, not for people who are breastfeeding, not for the breast area, if you have a pacemaker, or if you have an area on your body that has metal replacement.
Can both men and women use it
Absolutely, the ultrasonic cavitation machine treats fat on both Men and Women.
Do you have stock in the US or UK?
Absolutely, We hold stock in the US, UK, Australia, Spain and Germany
Is it only for commercial use, or can it be used at homes too?
The cavitation lipo machine is designed to be used in Salons, Spas and other beauty treatment facilities, can also be easily used at home by following the simple instruction manual attached
Does it hurt?
No it doesn't hurt, it does NOT burn, It feels like a hot stone massage, it's very soothing
Does your products have warranty and return policy?
Yes, We Offer Free 1 Year Warranty And 30 Day Return Policy
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